60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller with Wifi function for Android

The Wifi is between MPPT Controller and Android phones only.
Not the internet or cloud connection.

100% MPPT controller

Intelligent Maximum Power Point Tracking technology

Built-in DSP controller with high performance

PV start-up

Accurate charging optimizes battery performance

Multi-function LCD displays

Output limited current protection

Overcharge protection

Over-temperature protection

Easy to be mounted on the wall

No need an extra device to be in parallel

No limited quantity to be in parallel

Easy to set for lithium battery

Suitable for battery types of Lithium and sealed lead acid, vented Gel battery


Model No. 60A-V120
Charging mode MPPT Maximum power point tracking automatically
Charging Lithium battery

Or 3-stage for Lead-acid battery:constant current(MPPT), constant voltage(Absorption Voltage), floating charge

System type DC12V
System voltage automatic recognition 12V system (DC9V-DC15V)
Soft start time ≤1S
Dynamic response and recovery time 100us
Max efficiency ≥98.2%  (Voc is 1.5 or 2 times than battery, then it’s the best efficiency)
PV utilization ≥99%
Input specification  
Voc from PV

( Make sure the Voc of PV meeting the requirement as right. Voc is 1.5 or 2 times than battery, then it’s the best efficiency. )

12V system (DC20V~DC80V)


The maximum PV input power

(The total power rated of PV can’t be over this watt that will break the controller.)

12V system (720W)


Output specification  
Selectable battery type(default is Sealed) Lithium / Vented/ Sealed / Gel / NiCd battery (defined voltage for other battery by user)

For 12V battery, you could set the voltage from 12V-17V.

For 24V battery, you could set the voltage from 24V-34V.

For 36V battery, you could set the voltage from 36V-51V.

For 48V battery, you could set the voltage from 48V-68V.

Absorption Charging Voltage Refer to Batteries charging reference
Floating Charging Voltage Refer to Batteries charging reference
Overcharging protection voltage 12V system (15V)


Rated output current 60A
Temperature Coefficient ±0.02%/ °C
Automatic temperature compensation 14.2V-(Max temperature-25 °C)*0.3
Output voltage ripple-peak 100mV
Output voltage accuracy ≤±1%
LCD display See LCD display instruction
Protection function  
Output over-voltage protection See output specification
Input Anti-intrusion protection yes
Temperature Protection 75 °C
Temperature increased protection Output power will reduce when it’s more 70 °C.

Output power will be normal when it’s less 55 °C.

Fan-on temperature >40 °C
Fan-off temperature <35 °C
Other parameters  
Acoustic noise ≤40dB
Cooling way Forced air cooling.
Components Imported materials,Accord  to EU standards, Industrial grade range.
Environmental requirements Meet 2002/95/EC; No cadmium, hydrides and fluorides
Size (mm) 215x115x50
Net weight(Kg) 1.1
Gross weight(Kg) 1.2
Security Level Accord to CE、PSE、FCC、EMC, EN60950
Electromagnetic Compatibility Accord to EN61000,EN55022,EN55024
Enclosure IP21

Content included

1 MPPT solar controller

1 set of parts for shell mounted

1 manual